Monday, October 20, 2014

Eyelure & Something new!

Hey everyone!
Things have gotten crazy irl as well as in Second Life. I am finally getting things taken care of in my real life and have picked up a new job within Second Life. But that doesn’t mean I will stop blogging because I love to blog. I love bringing everyone up-to-date on items that are recently released.
With that being said, for this post I am doing as you could have guessed, Eyelure but I am also adding a store to this post. I was recently looking into what other stores needed bloggers and I came across a store called Kiko Life. Below the Eyelure outfits, I will be talking about one of the items from their store so be sure to scroll down to read.

Eyelure Items:
Eyelure is known for the awesome and cute fashion, but would you say they are known for their sexy cocktail dresses? No, these dresses are not mini but they do have a slit up the leg. Below you can see the three dresses I have.
Aren’t they sexy?? You can grab your favorite one either inworld or on marketplace today!
Inworld Store
Marketplace Store

Moving into the next category, Kiko Life. I was fortunate enough to chat with the creator who is very humble and caring. He said that he has had much kindness shed onto him and its only fair he shares the kindness himself as we chatted a little. Now today I do not have skins from this store but I do have some makeup, makeup that would be perfect for halloween. Now in the pictures below, I used items from the basic makeup kit base tint package. In the notecard given, it states you can tint the makeup to be different colors but, being as my favorite color is blue, I stuck with the colors. Below are a few closeups with my avatar wearing the different items.
Now, in the first picture I am wearing the dark version, second is the light version and below is just eyeliner and the extreme lash. The eyeliner is actually from the Glowing Goddess Goodie Bag that you get within this packet of cute stuff!
So what are you waiting for? Time to run and grab your basic makeup tint today!
Inworld Store
Marketplace Store

Eyelure “Get This Look
Shape: Jada Shape from Nuclear Bambi
Skin: Morja Skin from R.icielli Candy Avatar Pack
Eyes: Dazzling Marine Eyes from LAQ
Hair: Dara from Magika
Shoes: Peep toe from Ducknipple
Bracelets: Awareness + Hope SL Bracelets from mE. Jewelry Design
Nose Heart: Pressured Heart from [Wizardry and Steamworks]:zero
Nose loop: Piercing for Nose from Grumble, no longer available
Leg Tattoo: Starry Leg Tattoo from K&L clothing & Accessories
Slink Foot Tattoo: Butterfly Lilies from Letis Tattoo Culture: piercings & tattoos
Slink Hand Tattoo: His <3 hand from Linked
Slink Items Used
Slink high and Slink Casual for females
Slink Inworld
Slink Marketplace

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