Monday, July 1, 2013

That’s So {Kyoot} NEW RELEASES!

Hey everyone!
That’s right! That’s So {Kyoot} has come out with 2 new awesome outfits
What’s the catch?
Well…. *rocks from her heel to her toes* One’s one of their gatchas Smile with tongue out
Check out the advertisement photo for the gatcha AND their newest release for the Summertime fair!! The landmark for the fair is at the bottom of the post (so scroll down and notice the pictures anyways XD)
That's So {Kyoot} - Summer Love
{Kyoot} Katie Gatcha Ad
Summertime Fair!
Store inworld!

Friday, June 28, 2013

That’s so {kyoot} New Release!

The toddleedoo store called That’s So {Kyoot} has a new release, and I have pictures of their outfit (in blue!)
One of their newest releases is called Sabrina and it comes in pink, blue, purple, and even green! I am wearing blue in the photos below because well, I love blue (and by love I mean LOVE with a capital L-O-V-E *giggles*)
Anyways, this outfit comes with both kid and baby versions for Toddleedoo avatars ONLY. You get:
~Dress for both sizes~
~~middle bow sash~
~shoulder bows~
~hud for underneath the dress~
Time for the photos yet? I think yes! Check em out!
So…. Now’s time to come grab the latest from That’s so {Kyoot}
Marketplace URL
SLURL to Second Life Store

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

~*BB*~ Bumblee Bee Costume (TD)

Bubz Babes came out with a new comstume!! That’s right! Just intime for the summer, where bees will be buzzin round, now YOU can dress as a bee and use all that energy stored from winter in this cute costume!! Check below for pictures and the landmark to the store!!

SLURL to Bubz Babes

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New Outfits from Bubz Babes!!

OMG the cuteness!! you can’t hide it and you can’t keep it to yourself!!
Bubz Babes has 2 new outfits, “if you mustache” and “puppy outfit”!! What perfect time for these 2 skirt outfits?? Check below for the photo of each and don’t forget to go to Bubz store and grab your new outfits today!!
Bubz Babes inworld

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Newness at Bubz Babes!!

Hey everyone!!

So 3 new releases for Bubz Babies!!!!
An icecream outfit, Easter fit, and egg rideables in the gatchas!!
The icecream fit is out just in time for the spring time.
The Easter fit is perfect for the holiday coming up with bunny ears, a tail, hair bows; this is perfect and adorably cute for the td’s across the grid!!
The new gatchas are amazingly cute and are perfect for easter!! They come in various colors, where chocolate (seen below) is one of the rare ones to find!
So what you waitin for? Come on down and get your outfits and rideable egg now!!
Inworld Store

Thursday, March 21, 2013

~*BB*~ Strawberry Cuppycake Toddleedoo Outfit

From Bubz Babes comes a new adorable outfit!! For just 100L you get a dress, leggings, shoes, jewelry, and hairbows!! This is another adorable must for the spring season rolling in! Check out the pics below and scroll down for the SLURL to the store!!
Inworld Store

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New Items and Gatcha!!!

Theres a new outfit and some gatcha prizes that are adorable and cute!!! From Bubz Babbes comes something new and exciting! See pictures below. Scroll down to get the landmark to their inworld store as well! The two things miley is on are gatchas, for 35L you can try to get your favorite color. The outfit (a new release) is 100L
Did I mention? This outfit comes with shoes, jewelry, hairbows, and a dress!! This is a must to be adorable this summer!
Inworld Store

Saturday, March 2, 2013

New Toddledoo Hunt!

So those of you, who have seen Miley recently, have seen a change. She now rocks the Toddledoo avatar!! With that being said, Toddledoo has a new hunt! Run by the owner of Mesh D’Kids, puzzle ruby, the toddledoo’s are getting ready for St. Patricks day!
This new hunt includes 24 different places for toddledoo’s and some amazing things. Below you will see all 24 places and the SLURL to each place! As for the items, well you will just have to do the hunt *giggles*
Please Note: Some stores have the hint where their hunt poster boards are.
1.) Mesh'd Kidds - Puzzle Ruby (READY)
2.) Figgis Construction – Josh Figgis
HINT: Find the irish piglet on the wall!
3.) *SprinklyWinks* & *B’s Gesture Box* – Erin22Andel
HINT: Find the Spirit Tree for Good Luck
4.) .:: bits&pieces::. – Eriya Constantine
HINT: “Laying on top of something green.”
5.) Sweet’s Treats – Sweetnsexytastin dumpling
HINT: It Happens at midnight
6.) Odonata – Lil Afterthought
SLURL: http://maps/secondlife/com/secondlife/Funky%20Town/52/162/27
7.) [SC] Say Cheese! – Jany Bluebird
HINT: Toddledoo avies are so cute <3
8.) Amy’s Gesture Palace – Amyiah Seerose
HINT: It’s the holiday of green I’m near a green that’s glowing
9.) Mudlarks – Henry Llewellyn (Redrose)
HINT: After my pot of gold, eh? Well you’ll find it at the end of the rainbow! Or actually, the end of the solar system, it’s the next best thing!
10.) LVS KIDS – ravenlynn templar
HINT: Blue, Yellow, Pink and teal
         Light as feathers, but pretty as a flower.
         Find the balloons…in a vase they’ll be.
         Find the Balloons, and the prize you seek!
11.) **Xeolots** – Xelm Snowpaw
HINT: Where the playground stands, And water falls, Your luck will be found!
12.) Happy ToT – Floe Snookums
HINT: Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuu!
13.) “Little Bo-Teek” – Summer Rainforest
HINT: This clover stands alone in the meadow  where the green grass grows
14.) Odd’s & End’s – Bradie Woodside
HINT: A star could be a clover right?
15.) Little Boo-Teek/ .:Ello Poppet:. – Dork melodie
HINT: where all the birds gone?
16.) Princess Couture – Marilena Pintens
HINT: Spring coloured dresses are so beautiful! They really fit green clovers!
17.) Rayne Drops – Rayne McAndrews
HINT: between lucky chairs
18.) Just Peachy - Lilpeaches resident
HINT: Ask the monster
19.) Buttons & Bows – Briyana Meskin
HINT: WHooooo Whoooooo Whooooo
20.) RaWr MuFFinz – maddie Jyraffe
HINT: The Green dinosaur really likes clovers!
21.) *~* RnB Designs Furniture *~* - Bethesa Hancroft & Rulo Enzo
HINT: See hint giver
22.) Rae's Goodies - Rae Galewind
HINT: Custom Orders go here :>
23.) The G Spot  - Gabriella Whitefalcon
CLOSED (see group for the hunt item)
HINT: You’ve almost reached the end of the rainbow
You’ve almost reached your prize
One of your last clues is hidden
In what’s used to cook pies
24.)  *-*Purretes*-* -  Purreta mint
HINT: very lucky here, chairs and more
So now that you seen the stores, you ready to get your gifts Toddledoos? Start from Mesh D’ Kids and work your way down and most importantly….

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New from FATAL

Fatal fans!!! FATAL has released a new dress set and the mega pack is EPIC!! check out the photo and the individual items below!
rajaa mini dress
Fatal on Marketplace
Fatal in Second Life

New from POPTART

Hey everyone!
So its been a while since my last post, but a while worth a wait!! Poptart has come out with some AWESOME stuff!!! Below you will see the new items!
First on my list to post today is Glitterpulse skirts. These skirts come in black, bubblegum, galaxy, and grey. You can see all skirts together, and individual photos below at the end of my post!
Next on the list will be the sparkle twist heels. Now these heels come in barbie, blood cotton candy, onyx, and silver while bubble yum is set for the February group gift so get it before the end of the month!! Below you can see the items and the individual photos.
After that we have, yes it is official, UGGS! Poptart has released three new sets of uggs which are: bowgasm, leopard, and shortcake! Like above, you can see all three together as well as the individual photos!
Now before I get into pictures, there are 2 things also on the list of newness for poptart. They have released something called “owie kawaii eye bandage” which would be awesome for you role players as well as new gacha’s which are bows for your head!
Now who’s ready for those photos?? I know I am!
poptart skirts
group gift tag
Poptart on Marketplace
Poptart in Second Life

Thursday, January 3, 2013

FATAL Brooke Jeans

Hey everyone!
So Fatal released some NEW jeans for females and OMG they are so cute!!! Below you can see the picture of them as a group and then separate! As of now, these pants are only available in the store, and I do highly suggest getting the megapack.why? Because you can get a texture hud to change the textures of the pants, that’s why!! Below I have included the store URL, and the marketplace URL.
brooke fatal jeans
Fatal on Marketplace
Fatal in Second Life