Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New from POPTART

Hey everyone!
So its been a while since my last post, but a while worth a wait!! Poptart has come out with some AWESOME stuff!!! Below you will see the new items!
First on my list to post today is Glitterpulse skirts. These skirts come in black, bubblegum, galaxy, and grey. You can see all skirts together, and individual photos below at the end of my post!
Next on the list will be the sparkle twist heels. Now these heels come in barbie, blood cotton candy, onyx, and silver while bubble yum is set for the February group gift so get it before the end of the month!! Below you can see the items and the individual photos.
After that we have, yes it is official, UGGS! Poptart has released three new sets of uggs which are: bowgasm, leopard, and shortcake! Like above, you can see all three together as well as the individual photos!
Now before I get into pictures, there are 2 things also on the list of newness for poptart. They have released something called “owie kawaii eye bandage” which would be awesome for you role players as well as new gacha’s which are bows for your head!
Now who’s ready for those photos?? I know I am!
poptart skirts
group gift tag
Poptart on Marketplace
Poptart in Second Life

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