Saturday, December 15, 2012

New Poptart!

So Poptart has been very quiet, and why? Because the store has been moving AND new releases were being made. New Gatcha prizes, New group gift (male and female outfit), new boots, and AND new jackets.
group gift tag
group gift
Here’s a regular photo of the group gift for females, called Kassie full outfit Open-mouthed smile
kassie full outfit group gift
Here are some of the new Gatcha Prizes (below these, you can see the regular photos).
**Please note: there is one more gatcha there, called the mustache that is not included in my blog**
Gatcha caption
bat ears
shoulder pets
red plaid_018
Here are the regular photos for each, starting with the gargoyle ears, going to the mushroom shoulder pet, and then the sad demon horns.
So you may be thinking that my post is done yet, but actually I am just getting started Open-mouthed smile You see, there are also new clothes released, 3 jacket and 3 pairs of OMG I MUST HAVE boots! Well why do I say that bout the boots? Wait until you see them *squeels*
Poptart winter coats
poptart boots
Below you can see each individual photo of each new product! (Did you see the awesome boots right above???)
So! don’t forget to go to Poptart, and AND don’t forget Poptart’s new store location! These items are not on the marketplace yet, however! I included the poptart marketplace below anyways :-D
Poptart on Marketplace
Poptart in Second Life

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