Friday, December 14, 2012

New Fatal!!

Hey everyone!
Sorry I have not published a new post in a while, things get very busy (especially while going to school in real hehe). Anyways! FATAL, yes FATAL, has new releases. Let me tell you, these releases are AMAZINGLY CUTE! I will be adding more photos and another blog for some items I missed in the past (blame dell computers for that!). The post soon to come is Melanie dresses; but that is when I finish taking the photos. So back to the post…. The newest release from FATAL is…. (imagine a drum roll here XD) Jewel Mini Dress! So far, these items are not found on the marketplace, but I have included the marketplace link anyways.
jewel dress
Here, below you can see each photo separately.
FATAL in Second Life
Fatal on Marketplace

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