Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Eyelure and NDMD

So, I dcided to blend stores since I have been away for a bit in Second Life.

To start off, I want to talk about some Eyelure stuff. Now, they came out with a few new items I thought were just adorable. Three tank tops, 2 skinny jeans, and even 2 short dresses OMG! The pictures are below.
Ain’t they just gorgeous outfits?? Time to go run and go grab your copies from Eyelure today!
Eyelure Inworld
Eyelure Marketplace

Next in line to chat about is NDMD. For those that are unfamiliar with this store, it does clothes for toddlers (NDMD Cuties Avatar) Petite avatars as well as teens and adults. Today, I am going to be talking about a few items for the NDMD Cuties avatar.
There are a few items out for the avatar but I chose a group of items for a single picture to showcase what is out there. I chose a pink shirt with black shoes and pants because let’s face it, I am a girly girl and I love pink! Below you will see a picture of my front and back. I did it this way because you can get free ears and a tail at the store for these toddler avatars.
Isn’t that outfit just adorable?? Time to rush over to NDMD and pick up your cute panda outfit today!
NDMD Inworld

Avatar Credits:
Skin: R.icielli Morja Skin/Smokey Eyes [Br Brows] Medium found in Candy Avatar pack
Hair: Elika Essentials from elikatira Inworld Store
Shape: Jada Shape from Nuclear Bambi
Eyes: LAQ Dazzling marine Eyes
Mesh eyelashes from Eyelure
Clothing Credits:Clothing from Eyelure
Sandals from +9 but seem to no longer be available on Marketplace
Toddler Avatar Credits:
NDMD Cuties BOO A Deep Tan Found Inworld
Eyes come with the avatar
Outfit from NDMD found Inworld
hair is Falling from [E] (discontinued)
Hat is from Little Britches (unknown location)
Poses from Kids Avatar AO from Oracul

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